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Back in 1977...

I was bored from all the excitement that selling wholesale plumbing supplies could offer. I decided to get into the retail furniture business. I started City Liquidators by helping businesses to liquidate their goods. We took everything from office furniture, pallet rack shelving, store fixtures, and industrial equipment. We sold it all, everything from a truckload of wigs to 100 year old cannon ball safes (I wanted to use one as a mailbox but my wife wouldn't go for that). I started to attend auctions all over the United States in search of merchandise that was unique and unusual. Eventually I found a deal to import antique office furniture from London England. That's when I realized that being open 3 days a week was not enough to satisfy my new adventure. 

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Before Computers & Smart Phones...

If you wanted to buy office furniture in the 70s, you had to order it, and wait, and wait, and wait some more. I realized that businesses had a need for furniture that I could fulfill, if I had merchandise in stock and ready to pick up that day. A brilliant idea was born. So I went back to Los Angeles to find the right vendors and began buying office furniture by the truckload in huge quantities in order to get a deal from the manufacturers and have items in stock ready for pickup. After a successful start in the office furniture business, my wife and I  began to bring in new home furniture by railcar, domestic truckload, and imported containers. Fast forward to today, our main store is located on the east side of Portland under the Morrison bridge with a 160,000 square foot showroom and half a million square feet of merchandise in stock ready to pickup. Our family has been in the furniture business for over 44 years. We have everything for your home and office needs. Come take a look at our wild store.

Walt & Pam Pelett


Open Everyday 9am-6pm

Home Furniture

Office Furniture

823 SE 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

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